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Hi! So, I'm kinda awkward and shy and such, and I don't really know what to out here..

I sing, write music and such.

One Direction fan

Little mix Fan

Ed sheeran is better then anything else

People say I'm hipster..

This user is currently AWAY:

Hi! I'm not here right now due to school and life, please leave me a message after the beep. Thank you. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!

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April 22 2011 @ 7:05PM by Skooter Lee
No, it isn't a random event. I chose 47 different pages and pasted a graphic of a Bunny, to see what the bunny looks like, go here: Sorry but I can't tell you where on the pages they are.
May 28 2011 @ 8:28PM by TheTammiEffect
My head isn't invisible. Celtictiger cut it off with his axe. If you look at his avatar, he is holding my head.
June 01 2011 @ 8:37AM by Rindy2121
I think i was seeing things but you have an account on BTO??????? woah cool. i have one too
June 01 2011 @ 8:43AM by Rindy2121
Funny, not only that you have chocolate, reading, bto mansion, domain of heroes, aq worlds, nintendo ds, tv. I had the same thing too in the same order. You copied it off. Ah silly me :P (I'm not angry, i like it. Saves you time from actually writing it down) But you really do have accounts on those sites don't you?
June 01 2011 @ 8:44AM by Rindy2121
I think you clicked on a bit too much hun
June 01 2011 @ 8:46AM by Rindy2121
Hehe funny. So you're new around right?
June 01 2011 @ 8:50AM by Rindy2121
You will love this. Anyways i love your shop it's got great things.
August 07 2011 @ 3:27PM by runamuk
a spidersilk bowtie and a brown naga fang :)
August 07 2011 @ 5:09PM by Friesianlover
thanks so much
August 07 2011 @ 5:38PM by Friesianlover
the purple one underneath is the premier purple horn thing and the black one that is sort of like an octopus is the black ink prize in the millionaire game, it's a halloween item
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