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hello everyone i wish you all the best in you life. i live in australia.i love to chat with friend online. i live with my family.
if you went to know more about me please just add me as a friend and you will know more about me.
may god be with you alll
welcome to my world

thank you all.

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January 11 2011 @ 9:43PM by Skooter Lee
To add an image to your profile or signature area, click on the User Home link at the top of your page at Creature World and under Your Options, click on the Edit Profile link. You will then be taken to the Edit Profile page which contains two text boxes. One is Profile: where you can add HTML for your main profile page, and the other is Signature: where you can can add a banner or line of text that will show up in all of your posts. (be mindful of the banner size restrictions on site!) The HTML code for adding images is...
January 11 2011 @ 9:46PM by victorin
thank you but the is not Profile link. please can you do it for me then i will changer the picture
January 11 2011 @ 9:57PM by victorin
thank how do i wera the clother???
January 11 2011 @ 10:19PM by buddylove
Edit your profile here:
January 11 2011 @ 10:20PM by buddylove
Also, go to the other persons page and post on their comments so they receive them. :)
January 11 2011 @ 10:23PM by victorin
thank you
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