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Hi. I am Lemon. Not really, but it works. I'm thirteen years old and female... I like watching computer, doodlin' and writing/reading.
I never know what to say about myself without making myself look one: Stupid, or two: The most boring person in the fricking world, so just talk to me if you want to know me, gawrsh ._.

Oh, and even if I act like an silly idiot, I have a pretty... dark mind e.e Happy endings make me sick and nothing makes me giggle more than seeing someone get their head cut off in the movie.

PS: The game >T

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September 11 2010 @ 8:11PM by skateboard89
Hai Lemon.
September 12 2010 @ 4:05PM by linda85
September 16 2010 @ 4:57PM by splash101
Hey welcome to Creature World!!! (kinda)
September 17 2010 @ 5:57PM by whitecat162
Nooo! Not the game!
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