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General adventure time, anime, batman, computer, drawing, fluttershy, graphics, manga, ms paint, my little pony, paint tool sai, phineas and ferb, photoshop, piano, reading [view all]
Music Artists alan menken, aqua, buono!, carole king, eric hutchinson, grace potter, jim croce, joe hisaishi, maroon 5, michael franti, nao toyama, simon and garfunkel,, sydney forest, t.a.t.u. [view all]
Movies aladdin, back to the future, beauty and the beast, bedazzled, blast from the past, castle in the sky, clue, how to train your dragon, howls moving castle, kikis delivery service, phineas and ferb, spirited away, tangled, the cat returns, the princess bride
Books bakuman, children of the lamp, death note, fairy tail, fruits basket, graceling, kimi ni todoke, magyk, monster, pretty little liars, sign of the crescent, the alchemyst, the fire within, the lost years of merlin, the thirteenth reality [view all]
Shops Kafe Kandi, Rei's Treasures
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Latest User Comments
September 22 2011 @ 11:42AM by harry-potter
how did you get it on your profile?!
September 22 2011 @ 1:40PM by harry-potter
September 22 2011 @ 1:57PM by harry-potter
have a look at my profile ;)
October 05 2011 @ 6:52PM by Brooklyn
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Thanks for shopping atTrue Blood!!
October 07 2011 @ 3:21PM by harry-potter
hey ralinna! what is your hair called?! :D
October 08 2011 @ 1:14PM by harry-potter
Thanks :D what are the music notes called? :D
November 05 2011 @ 10:28PM by Sasho
Thanks for the giveaway! :) But I am sorry to hear that you are quitting.
November 19 2011 @ 6:49AM by harry-potter
Whats happened to the pictures on your page? :O
November 27 2011 @ 5:36PM by Anime_Goddess
June 03 2012 @ 7:00PM by harry-potter
I miss ya :(
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