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Rudy loves his new hat! :-)

Rudy was first pet to reach 5000 Intelligence, 9/2/10.

He achieved 10,000 intelligence on 1/26/12!

Thanks to all my friends who helped! :-D

Ramandu Party Guy

With thanks and fond memories to all who partied with Ramandu on "Old CW."

Maholah peng tag, by Kjun

Wish Lists
Looking at my items in trades, but not sure what to offer? Here are some ideas. Put a smile on!

Arcane Dragon Squishie
Bad Luck Kitty Squishie
Blue Chick Egg Squishie
Blue Monkey Squishie
Blue Pencil Squishie
Capricorn Teddy Bear Squishie
Crimson Furetto Squishie
Cute Dark Candy Cane Squishie
Cute Mint Green Candy Cane Squishie
Cute Tutti Fruiti Candy Cane Squishie
CW Squishie
Easter Dragon Squishie
Elf Squishie
Faded and Worn Hokaru Squishie
Fairy Penguin Squishie
Graduate Squishie
Gray Badger Squishie
Green Badger Squishie
Green Pencil Squishie
Grim Reaper Squishie
Holiday Fangrel Squishie
IRC Dragon Squishie
Jack-O-Lantern Squishie
Jangles the Reindeer
Jingles the Reindeer
Libra Teddy Bear Squishie
Love Doctor Squishie
Lovely Cherub Squishie
Miss Hopsalot
Mothers Day Furetto Squishie
Not So Big And Terrifying Monster Squishie
Pisces Teddy Bear Squishie
Pilgrim Squishie
Pink Badger Squishie
Pot of Gold Squishie
Purple Badger Squishie
Purple Vampire Bat Squishie
Rainbow Bird Squishie
Random Monster Squishie
Red Badger Squishie
Red Christmas Present Squishie
Reject Furetto Squishie
Rose Furetto Squishie
Sagittarius Teddy Bear Squishie
Santa Bear Squishie
Santa Cow Squishie
Santa Hedgehog Squishie
Santa Penguin Squishie
Santa Skunk Squishie
Special Edition Kishika Squishie
St Pat's Dragon Squishie
Sun Squishie
Teal Furetto Squishie
Thank You Kitty
Valentine Dragon Squishie
Verde Furetto Squishie
Voodoo Monkey

2012 Olympics Gumball
2013 Gumball
Amethyst Gumball
Bingo Gumball
Bubbles Gumball
Candy Cane Gumball
Candycorn Gumball
Christmas Tree Gumball
Clown Gumball
CW 4th Birthday Gumball
Dark Laughter Gumball
Easter Egg Gumball
Elf Gumball
Evil Smiley Gumball
Firework Gumball
Flaming Gumball
Floral Mothers Day Gumball
Four Leaf Clover Gumball
Friday Night Fever Gumball
Good Smiley Gumball
Haunted Castle Gumball
Indian Gumball
Insane Laughter Gumball
IRC Gumball One
Jack-O-Lantern Print Gumball
Leprechaun Gumball
Lucky Pot of Gold Gumball
Magical Gumball
One Year Face-Eating Gumball
Pink Fizzy Tizzy Gumball
Premier Diamond Gumball
Riches Gumball
Royal Gumball
Santas Little Gumball
Saturday Night Fever Gumball
Shamrock Gumball
Snake Wrapped Gumball
St Patricks Day Gumball
Tanzanite Gumball
Tongue Goofy Gumball
Topaz Gumball
Tourmaline Gumball
Toxic Cupids Gumball
Zombie Gumball

American Teddy Bear
Aries Teddy Bear
Bubbles Teddy Bear
Bumble Bee Teddy Bear
Christmas Teddy Bear
Echo Teddy Bear
Flower Child Teddy Bear
Furetto Teddy Bear
Gangsta Teddy Bear
Ghost Teddy Bear
Halloween Teddy Bear
I Love CW Teddy Bear
Olympic Teddy Bear
POB Teddy Bear
Queen Teddy Bear
Red and White Valentine Teddy Bear
Robot Teddy Bear
Santa Teddy Bear
Snowman Teddy Bear
Spring Teddy Bear
St Patricks Day Teddy Bear
Summer Teddy Bear
Turkey Teddy Bear
Valentine Teddy Bear
Virgo Teddy Bear

Acorn Gummy
Candy Cane Christmas Tree Gummy
Cherry Ghost Gummy
Christmas Tree Gummy
Frosty Christmas Tree Gummy
Golden Christmas Tree Gummy
Mint Candy Cane Christmas Tree Gummy
Mint Ice Cream Gummy
Red Bauble Gummy

Demonic Ice Cream Bar
Dr. Lovebite Dark Night Bat Sucker
Dr. Lovebite Dark Night Gravestone Sucker
Dr. Lovebite Lime Light Candy Apple
Fish on a Stick
Stocking Cake Pop
Turkey Cake Pop
Valentine Dark Chocolate Marshmallow
Valentine Strawberry Marshmallow

Cardboard Box Wish List formatting provided by Boxes by Buddy, Inc. All rights reserved. Void where prohibited;
batteries not included. Thanks, Buddy!

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August 26 2013 @ 3:01PM by Friesianlover
hugs lol
August 27 2013 @ 11:09AM by debdeb
Thank you and lol, Hope you liked it.
August 28 2013 @ 7:36PM by Marcy
Thank you too with LOTS of love!
August 28 2013 @ 10:33PM by paisleydaisy
Thank you muches!!!
September 01 2013 @ 11:10PM by Friesianlover
September 02 2013 @ 12:06PM by Friesianlover
thanks will be off a few hours but will be back
September 03 2013 @ 11:39AM by tawnie88
thanks for the shop purchase at iShopGalore! :)
September 03 2013 @ 3:12PM by genie3c
Your welcome. Glad we could help each other out.
September 05 2013 @ 10:07AM by genie3c
Your welcome again. Was I right that it was something you were still needing?
September 13 2013 @ 12:50PM by Friesianlover
I'm so glad I hope you know that I didn't throw the blueberry muffin, a gift, back in your face lol it was the only thing in my inventory I could use to make the trade!
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