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I have taken most things off because of my move ut when I'm back and running I will put them back on.
Also once I've left I won't have internet for over two weeks so probably once I'm back I will have lodes of mail and comments.


Put a smile on!My trip to New Zealand on Tuesday 30th MarchPut a smile on!
(song about leaving)
On this very day, I will be seeing the last things in England
And am going to see, even more things in New Zealand
On the other side of our fatastic planet Earth
I know I will miss all things
And bodies I have met through my life so far
And find more in my long Journy of life ahead
It will be like being born again
Whilst everyone will stay the same
It will be better for me in this place of wonders
So life will be different, for me onwards
From here and on my journy of life
I'll try not to be sad
For this is happy
Even though I'll miss everyone
It's gunna be great
To see my Dad again
And all more things
So some of it is fun
But others no more
Than a spec of past alone
My Journy, of life.

I'm moving on Tuesday 30th March with my Mum, Dad (who has already left on 28th Febuary), my sister Ophelia and my cat Flick. My Dad comes from New Zealand and his Dad has just died so his Mum is lonely even though we aren't going to live with her also it will be much better for us, better weather and friendlier people. I will miss every one and thing I know. It's exciting but sad because you never know what will happen and whats ahead in life. It will be very different for me there but luckly they don't speak a different language otherwise I wouldn't want to go even more.

I will be leaving at 12.00 today because we have to be there a 1.00 and will log off at 11.25 probably.

Put a smile on!Any questions or good byes or any things like that please comment mePut a smile on!

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I dont rilly play this much only now and again,i probly b bizy playing video games, reeding or well out or of cor suming else on the computer or tv <a><img></a>

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March 30 2010 @ 5:24AM by runamuk
it is a pretend cw family lol
March 30 2010 @ 5:27AM by runamuk
you have to be a member of the skooterlee buddy duo, and then you have to ask buddylove
March 30 2010 @ 5:29AM by runamuk
you have to apply and wait to see if your accepted
March 30 2010 @ 5:34AM by runamuk
best of luck to you, hopefully you will be back on soon
March 30 2010 @ 8:19AM by orangemonster
hey hope to hear from you soon! :) take care :)
March 30 2010 @ 10:22AM by Skooter Lee
Have a nice journey and have fun! See you when you get internet connection!
March 30 2010 @ 11:36AM by izzy01992445665
yes i am how are you
March 30 2010 @ 5:11PM by Mollie
I like your cat, Flick. What kind of cat is it?
April 01 2010 @ 2:28AM by Rindy2121
uh what were we talking about again. i've got a bad memory
April 01 2010 @ 3:09AM by mfheah
hey; im good wat bout ya?? (:
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