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Sorry, I won't be back on until after Halloween Put a smile on! See you then!

Hey, what's up? Not much here yet but there will be soon x] I'm new here and still in awe at the site since I've always wanted to join a smaller virtual site and the only ones I've found are boring or have like 9802394830 members Put a smile on!
Alright, so I'm a writer - not huge novels but all the basics. I really enjoy laying out and building up character profiles and designs. I can sometimes draw them out, which is a little difficult for me but I can! Put a smile on! Sometimes I'll write out an entire plot, detail by detail, without actually writing the story itself. My friends get mad at me for that Put a smile on! I do enjoy drawing even though I'm not the best and I really adore writing lots and lots of stories that I never finish :]
Well.. Other than that some basic info is that I respond to the name Reno because I play him when we go to cons Put a smile on! Yep, that sounds completely geekish but too bad Put a smile on! I also adore manga Put a smile on!

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October 02 2010 @ 8:44PM by 7Meggie
Welcome to CW ^^ *high fives for the manga part* Hope you like the site.
October 06 2010 @ 12:59PM by PinkxRhino
Welcome to the fWC! (fantasy writers club)
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