Blind Auctions
Blind auctions no longer display the exact time the auction is to finish, it will now finish within 60 minutes of the displayed hour. 'Approx' after the finish time indicates this. Let the mayhem commence!
Posted by CelticTiger @ Saturday, November 21, 2009
User Comments
November 21 2009 @ 4:27PM by Equifeline
Marvellous! *rubs hands and cackles*
November 21 2009 @ 4:43PM by Erath
November 21 2009 @ 7:46PM by Nortara
Bwahahahahaha! Oh, I feel all good inside ^_^
November 21 2009 @ 9:58PM by buddylove
Excellent! Now we don't have to be there at last minute.
November 21 2009 @ 10:45PM by TheTammiEffect
Someone was feeling slightly evil today Put a smile on!
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