Sidebar Modules
Sidebar Modules have gotten a make-over!
At the bottom right of the sidebars, you should see "turn edit mode on"
Click it, and you should be able to change colors of the sidebar headings by clicking small colored boxes
You should also be able to reorder the sidebar boxes by dragging them up or down with their headings.

In addition, you can now minimise and maximise modules by clicking the icon in the right of the sidebar heading.
Posted by CelticTiger @ Sunday, November 1, 2009
User Comments
November 01 2009 @ 7:12PM by Bubbles
ummm, there's no pink. *cough* but I'll make do. Put a smile on!
November 01 2009 @ 7:12PM by Joe
November 01 2009 @ 7:16PM by Skooter Lee
Thank you Celty!!
November 02 2009 @ 2:15AM by lollie
Cool! Put a smile on!
November 03 2009 @ 9:27AM by buddylove
I rememeber a long time ago when you could pick between themes, now we can almost make our own theme! Very good job on it Celty, Thank you very much!!!
November 21 2009 @ 1:41AM by lollie
Theme? Whats a theme?
November 21 2009 @ 4:56PM by pink
There is pink now. Can you guess what color I picked? LOL
November 21 2009 @ 6:06PM by PinkxRhino
Awesome job, Celty
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