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The option to hide users profiles from their user information page now exists in your preferences. You can still view the profile by clicking the "Expand Profile" link to view the profile. (Now I'm going back to another years worth of vodka drinking after my vacation)
Posted by CelticTiger @ Friday, July 19, 2013
User Comments
July 19 2013 @ 4:54PM by drdenman
I found the feature and played with it, but I don't get what it's supposed to do... I can't find any visual difference between an expanded profile and an unexpanded profile(except that the link disappears after you click it...)
July 19 2013 @ 4:58PM by Bubbles
Thanks Celty. See ya next year.
July 19 2013 @ 5:17PM by Bubbles
It makes it so you can't see all the extra stuff a user adds to their profile. Like if there's a bunch of pics you have to scroll through to get to their site info. You can disable it. If you decide you want to see it, then go to their profile and 'expand it'
July 19 2013 @ 10:04PM by Michele
WAIT!!! Don't forget to take me with you Celty!!
July 19 2013 @ 11:20PM by Larry
I updated it to hide the "[Expand Profile]" when the setting is turned off or if there is nothing in the profile to show.
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