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Hair Salon Implemented 69
A place where hairstyles and hair colors can be changed...For cPoints, of course.
Suggested by SnugAsAPug

CW Coin Shop Implemented 11
CW Coin Shop.. where you can purchase variable denominations of coins to trade in for points.
Suggested by debdeb

Price all button Active 8
A new way to price.
Suggested by Mollie

tanning salon Active 7
change your skin color
Suggested by Squirt

Pawn Shop Buying Items Active 7
When you sell an Idea to the pawnshop, there will be another option to buy the Item you sold, if say you accidently sold it for example.
Suggested by XXSkater_PrincessXX

Number of items in shops (not user shops) Active 6
I would really like it if the shops can have more items in it at once.
Suggested by carolinepuppylover

Tammi's Marvelous Idea Implemented 5
Removing items from your shop.
Suggested by TheTammiEffect

Boys jewlery and clothes Active 5
get some boys jewlry and clothes
Suggested by harry-potter

clothes Active 5
Suggested by harry-potter

Half Price Sale Implemented 4
I would like to see a half price sale in the millionaires shop
Suggested by Kyle

Tanning Salon Veto 4
Tanning Salon can be used to change the color of your skin.
Suggested by NicoFaery

Premier credits high value coin Implemented 2
High denomination token/coin you can purchase in Premiere Shop and cash in at the coin machine.
Suggested by debdeb

Auto Price Active 2
Auto Price for shops
Suggested by crazykathy

Premier shop Veto 1
Red the explanation.
Suggested by harry-potter

Restock Veto 1
Quicker restock on new shops.
Suggested by harry-potter

Pricing your shop Active 1
Reward for pricing
Suggested by Iris

natedriver95 Veto 1
Buy more stocks
Suggested by natedriver95

The Users Within the Shops Veto 1
Somnetimes i wish i could c whom was in the shop with me...can we make so it does?
Suggested by Balto

Limits For users who have purchased items in new shops Veto 1
people who have purchased items in new shops should not be allowed to continue
Suggested by Timmy9000

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