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A nine tailed fox as a pet? Veto 21
I think there should be a nine tailed fox as a pet.
Suggested by Kitsune

Wolf Active 9
A wolf type pet.
Suggested by XDangerxMagnetX

New Pets? Veto 5
New pets would be a good idea no?
Suggested by Jake

new species(by me!) Veto 4
i think we coud do with some new species
Suggested by p1nkg1rl4ever

A Bunnish! Active 4
Bunny + Fish = Bunnish!
Suggested by xRosaliex

All sorts of pet suggested by ME!!! Veto 3
See what pets I can think up...The things I could make up...
Suggested by Sassette

New species Veto 3
There should be a couple new pets!
Suggested by That70sShow

slyth Active 2
a wondeful creature that has syths on its hand it may look mean but it is very nice
Suggested by User not found

New Dolphin like Pet Active 2
A new Dolphin like species for CW :)
Suggested by IrisHouse16

Butterflies :D Active 1
Lets see if we can bring Butterflies to CW :D
Suggested by IrisHouse16

Tipain Veto 1
To have a flyinghuge RAT.
Suggested by Pet Slave Ledgend

Well ............ ? Veto 1
i guess it might be good if ........
Suggested by Shorty

Unicorn Active 1
I want a pet unicorn
Suggested by Chelsea

A unique new pet. Active 1
Canines and felines feel overused as a pet concept to me.
Suggested by bubblebrain

any kind of fox/dog/wolf pet (suggest design here) Active 1
Wolf/dog/fox pet
Suggested by Mindmusic

Beaver Active -1
Suggested by Cluny

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