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Story Books Active 37
What if the books on CW had stories in them?
Suggested by KrypticLogik

Holdable Squishies Active 7
What if our avvie could hold squishies?
Suggested by Fox

Personalize the Birthday and Gift Cards Active 6
The messages we send with our cards would become permanent ^_^
Suggested by Nortara

bring back some of the stuffies form the old CW Active 6
i really miss some of the stuffies they were my favorite collection, who else thinks we should get some of them back.
Suggested by Fire_Ice

Bugs Active 6
These shouldn't be so rare...
Suggested by drdenman

Calla Lily Bouquets Active 4
Would be great for Easter!
Suggested by paisleydaisy

Fortune Cookie Prizes Active 3
Have the Fortune cookies give a prize and a goofy CW fortune when you break them open
Suggested by anubis_werewolf

Something on a Stick Collection Veto 2
Maybe we can have a something on a stick collection?
Suggested by carolinepuppylover

Mouldy Inconsistancy Implemented 2
Mouldy is spelled two ways on the site, "Mouldy Candycane", and "Slice of Moldy Pizza"
Suggested by Taco

Change these items to Teddy Bears Veto 2
These items don't make sense as squishies. They are very clearly Teddies.
Suggested by drdenman

Bikini Bottoms Active 1
The way bikini bottom look should be reverted back to the way they were.
Suggested by Brooklyn

premier shop Veto 1
get new items and free premier points if youve had an account for 1 month
Suggested by DonkeyKing123

Lipstick Active 1
I love wearing the CW lipstick, but when I do I can only make the smile expression.
Suggested by BeccaBug

Leopard Print Blue Legging Implemented 1
Suggested by drdenman

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