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Junkpile contest Veto 63
clear out the excess
Suggested by Iris

Soduku Implemented 33
The Soduku game.
Suggested by scribbles

Lottery Implemented 28
just a lottery
Suggested by awesomechick

Mahjong Active 23
A mahjong game for cpoints and prizes
Suggested by anubis_werewolf

Squishie Level 2 Active 18
Active Squishies Collected and Total Squishie Collected.
Suggested by KrypticLogik

Sous chef Active 18
You have to help the Head Chef acquire the items on his recipe list.
Suggested by Connie

CWudoku Game Active 17
More times to play CWudoku.
Suggested by buddylove

Gym Active 12
A gym for the human avatars.
Suggested by fiezach

mushroom patch Active 12
an idea for the mushroom patch.
Suggested by liongirl01

Find the Squishie Active 9
Follow the Squishie under the right cup, if you choose the right on you get the squishie as a prize
Suggested by That70sShow

Chuzzle style game Active 8
The cw version of the Chuzzles game. :)
Suggested by PinkxRhino

Banner of the Week (BOTW) Active 5
Weekly competition for the more artistic users.
Suggested by Anuacyl

CW Solitaire Active 5
Bringing back my old idea.
Suggested by Nova the Hedgehog

Teddy Bear Collection Implemented 4
A game like the other collections
Suggested by breeder1512

sport games Active 4
there should be some sport games like a basketball shootout games and some other sport games.
Suggested by Squirt

Collections Active 4
There seems to be a 500 limit on prizes in collections!
Suggested by Erath

Mud Fight Active 3
A mud fight against other pets.
Suggested by RisenPhoenix

Pie Eating Contest Active 3
Like the eating contest but with just pies.
Suggested by Erath

Hashi Active 2
Connect bridges
Suggested by Anuacyl

Picture of the week Active 2
Take a picture, the winner wins a prize
Suggested by harry-potter

Throw rubber chickens at buddy Active 2
Whoever hits him with the most chickens in a set time wins.
Suggested by Erath

Marble Arena Active 2
if u have a bag of marbles u can play this game.
Suggested by dragonboy

cPhone Calls Active 2
Much the same as scrambled items... but instead of the letters being scrambled they are kept in order, but the digits from a phone replace the letters.
Suggested by PHickman

blackjack Active 2
I think Cw needs some casino like games
Suggested by ily_arq

Booked Game Active 1
Bring back the "Booked" game
Suggested by Linda

Snow Fight Active 1
Have a snow fight in Creature World.
Suggested by natedriver95

Stove Active 1
A way to cook items in a stove.
Suggested by buddylove

Tetris Game Active 0
From the original Tetris game, score lines with tetriminos to earn points.
Suggested by Anime_Goddess

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