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Wear ALL Clothing Implemented 80
I think Characters should be able to wear all different types of clothing.
Suggested by ORenyRen

"Remove All" Button for Wardrobe Implemented 47
I think we need a button to remove all the clothing at once from our avatars
Suggested by Chedori

Sport Jerseys Implemented 35
You can root on your favorite teams with a new sports jersey!
Suggested by Squirt

Alternative Male Clothing Active 29
Some suggestions to make dressing male avatars a little more interesting - with pictures :)
Suggested by Ankh Ascendant

make your own clothes Active 14
random events, you finding scrap cloth to make clothes. (pants,shirt,etc.)
Suggested by Squirt

BAWC Active 13
BAWC=block against wrong clothing. In otherwords, have the site block you from putting clothing your avi cannot wear or clothing you already have into your wardrobe.
Suggested by drdenman

Farrah in black! Active 11
Just like all the other Farrah hairstyle colors but in black.
Suggested by Fire_Ice

make pets wear clothes Active 9
to look cool
Suggested by DonkeyKing123

Headphones Active 9
Who doesnt have headphones in 27/4?
Suggested by Blaker

Winter Clothes Active 9
Have winter clothes.
Suggested by natedriver95

Belts Active 8
We should have belts for our person.
Suggested by kityiscrazed_101

Outfits: A wuick way to change your avatar Active 8
A way to change wuickly between outfits with items you already have.
Suggested by Aiieve

Draw-on Tattoos Active 7
An item or that allows you to draw your own tattoo.
Suggested by tigerstar186

Save Outfits Active 7
A way to save your favorite outfits!
Suggested by Silver116

ties and bowties Active 6
ties and bowties as wardrobe items
Suggested by anubis_werewolf

Christmas background Active 5
christmas background
Suggested by RedDragon

Animal t-shirts Active 5
A t-shirt with the Cw animals on it!
Suggested by whitecat162

Fedoras and Top Hats Active 5
Who doesn't love wearing hats?
Suggested by Haileybugg

Robes Active 4
Everything to please the monks and Grim Reapers of CreatureWorld.
Suggested by Vhosythe42

Farmers and Swimmers and Lifeguards Active 4
Diffrent types of clothing for the coming season.
Suggested by Balto

Myth wearables Veto 3
Some myth themed wearable ideas
Suggested by Anuacyl

Snow Active 3
Suggested by natedriver95

Angel Wings Active 3
Suggested by Aiieve

Goggles Active 2
Goggles that the avatars could wear on their heads.
Suggested by XXSkater_PrincessXX

Lause Active 2
Sun hat
Suggested by lause

Watches Active 2
New item, Watches
Suggested by natedriver95

Add All Clothing to Closet Button Active 2
A button to add multiple articles of clothing to your closet at once.
Suggested by hugme9000

Crystal Tiara Active 2
A tiara to add a royal touch to any outfit!
Suggested by Aiieve

Rz0rS Implemented 1
Be able to orginise what we're wearing
Suggested by Rz0rS

Pet Clothing Veto 1
Clothes for pets
Suggested by hazey2000me

Fishing Active 1
Fishing pole, tackle box, fishing attire.
Suggested by debdeb

Crusaders' Armor Active 0
Everything from Platemails to capes to please the everyday Paladin!
Suggested by SnugAsAPug

Clothing Sizes Active -4
Have clothing sizes for your charecters.
Suggested by buddylove

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