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Profile Modification Active 39
All profiles currently have blue title bars for each section, imagine being able to have them as your favourite colour.
Suggested by KrypticLogik

Status Updates Veto 35
Some kind of status update on our profile.
Suggested by Elderbee

Wardrobe display Active 17
Avoid sending duplicate items by seeing what a user already has, and surprise them with the gift by not having to check with them first.
Suggested by Anuacyl

Profile Comments Implemented 5
What happens if i want 2 leave a cooment on soemones profile.
Suggested by Balto

avatar rating scale Active 2
1-5 stars rating system
Suggested by mellowyella

Avatars should be redrawn Active 1
The avatars have stubby legs, it would be nice to see them proportional with the avatar's body.
Suggested by Caitlin

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