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Jewelry and Accessories Implemented 39
More items to "personalize" our looks
Suggested by Linda

Glasses Implemented 27
clothes item
Suggested by PrairieDuck

Bubbles Lost Marbles Implemented 18
An item called Bubbles Lost Marbles
Suggested by Elderbee

Braces and Earrings Active 16
Braces and earrings for our avatars.
Suggested by Balto

Eye Contacts Active 15
Color-changing contact lenses for those pretty eyes of yours
Suggested by Equifeline

The Terribly Sharp Axe Squishie Active 13
A new CW god-based squishie for the squishie lovers... the Axe!
Suggested by Equifeline

CW's Red Carpet Active 12
More formal backgrounds for formal wear/tie in with event idea
Suggested by Maholah

Pink Huggy Jacket Implemented 12
A wearable Pink Huggy Jacket.
Suggested by Skooter Lee

Clothing Suggestions Active 12
Quite a bit of clothing suggestions. :)
Suggested by buddylove

Zodiac Gumball Active 11
12 more gumballs!!
Suggested by Shadow the Hedgehog

Pants of all kinds Active 10
We need some more pants!
Suggested by drdenman

Belts Active 10
Everyone's wardrobe is in need of new belts.
Suggested by CheerfulMommy

New, rarer The Candy Kingdom items. Active 9
Yummier, tastier, RARER Candy Kingdom items.
Suggested by incorporated

marshmallow gun Active 8
a marshmallow gun
Suggested by fiezach

Rainbow Scarf! Implemented 8
Who never dreamed of having a Rainbow Scarf?
Suggested by Equifeline

Skateboard background! Active 8
Skateboard bg.
Suggested by skateboard89

Halloweenies ^_^ Active 8
Just a few more Halloween based items
Suggested by Nortara

Katanas Active 7
Need holdable katana items.
Suggested by Leebaby

Sweaters! Active 6
ski sweaters
Suggested by paisleydaisy

Echos's feathered wings Active 6
Wings for echo
Suggested by harry-potter

Skates! Active 6
Ice skates and roller blades to wear
Suggested by debdeb

New Farmer Items Active 6
New items for farmer quests
Suggested by Linda

I <3 CW shirt! Implemented 6
A shirt with the letters; I<3 C W
Suggested by 7Meggie

Fruit Basket/Veggie Basket Active 5
A great way to display your homegrown items!
Suggested by paisleydaisy

New Clothes Active 5
Suit, coat, tie
Suggested by Castiel

gumball Active 5
Animal gumballs
Suggested by DonkeyKing123

CW T-Shirt Implemented 5
We need a t-shirt that has the CW logo on it.
Suggested by harry-potter

Black Rose Hair Clip Active 5
A black rose clip
Suggested by Nova the Hedgehog

Background Active 4
Suggested by harry-potter

hats Active 4
have hats
Suggested by DonkeyKing123

I simply love gumballs, dont you?
Suggested by mitchy

Valentine Snowglobe Active 4
A snow globe with a heart in it. Something pretty for Valentines.
Suggested by nancysmith

Hats Active 4
Your character should be able to wear hats.
Suggested by BestPets123

Musical Instruments for Avatar Active 4
Musical instruments for your avatar to wear :D
Suggested by IrisHouse16

Chic White Dress Active 4
A beautiful Chic White Dress
Suggested by Chedori

Country Gumballs Active 4
Country gumballs for our collections .
Suggested by IrisHouse16

Facial hair Active 4
We need some more facial hair variety around here.
Suggested by drdenman

A dounut with sprinkles only on one side Active 4
this dounut is for people who are a little retarded :P
Suggested by dragonboy

chicken soup Active 4
homemade chicken soup
Suggested by paisleydaisy

Leggings! Leggings! Leggings! Active 4
We need more options and colors on leggings
Suggested by Brooklyn

Mens clothing Active 3
anyone wanted clothing that actually look good on men?
Suggested by harry-potter

Bunny Slippers Implemented 3
Suggested by debdeb

Ancient egypt themed clothes? Active 3
It would be cool to dress up in ancient egyptian styles.
Suggested by Kitsune

New book idea Active 3
Maybe a contest for new book titles,have a book that can be gotten only in premier credits.
Suggested by Erath

Nancysmith Active 3
I would love a purse with a big butterfly on it.
Suggested by nancysmith

Teddy Bear Veto 2
A teddy bear for every user on creature world.
Suggested by harry-potter

t-shirts Active 2
Suggested by DonkeyKing123

The Realifier! Active 2
A one time use gun that turns squishies into pets/items!
Suggested by tigerstar186

valentine background Implemented 2
A background of a valentine party or hearts.
Suggested by nancysmith

PC teardrops but for the dark side store Active 2
Teardrops for darkside
Suggested by harry-potter

debdeb Veto 2
Suggested by debdeb

gumball Active 2
Suggested by shannon

chocalate egg Implemented 2
everyone would like them for Easter.
Suggested by dragonboy

The Millionare Gummy Implemented 2
Suggested by harry-potter

Rare day Veto 1
There should be a day when all the rare items come out to the shops!
Suggested by harry-potter

sticker collection Veto 1
Suggested by DonkeyKing123

Olympic items Implemented 1
The Olympics are very soon!
Suggested by harry-potter

Lettered Gummys Veto 1
Gummys in the shape of letters
Suggested by harry-potter

Gummy Numbers Veto 1
Gummys in the shape of numbers
Suggested by harry-potter

Robotic Chest Piece Veto 1
Chest piece to finish the outfit
Suggested by harry-potter

TOP HAT!! Veto 1
come on? who doesnt LOVE a good tophat?
Suggested by straitjacketspwn

washing machine Active -6
wash ur own clothes
Suggested by DonkeyKing123

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