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Bring back the teddy bears :D Implemented 47
Teddy bears are cuddly :).
Suggested by IrisHouse16

All Premier Items Active 10
I'd like it if all the premier items could stick around in the premier shop and just have new items added on every month.
Suggested by Nortara

Item Previewing Active 10
Have you ever bought an item to discover that it looks terrible on you? Look no further!
Suggested by Oxymoronic_Username

Hair Active 9
Keep different hair styles after you buy them.
Suggested by paisleydaisy

Try on Premier Items Active 6
Give the option to try on Premier Items prior to purchase.
Suggested by spoonie

Old books Active 4
Bring back some of the old books...they were good reading..
Suggested by Loxa

Mushrooms Active 4
Suggested by harry-potter

flags Active 4
different countries
Suggested by shannon

t shirts Veto 1
get light upt shirts
Suggested by DonkeyKing123

Category of items on shop searches Implemented 1
Basically, put the category an item belongs in on shop searches.
Suggested by Yumei

Old books Veto 1
Bring back some of the old books...they were good reading..
Suggested by Loxa

Old CW food Veto 1
Bring back some old..
Suggested by lause

combo list Veto 1
a list of the items needed to make the combos
Suggested by anubis_werewolf

Planting Food Veto 1
At this moment u r able to get seeds, but not have anything 2 do w/ them, so they just sit there. Wat if we could plant them?
Suggested by Balto

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