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Let the Skeleton Key change an existing pet into a Kairoperia Active 12
Let us trade the skeleton key for the opportunity to have one of our existing pets changed into a Kairo
Suggested by Nortara

Pets Stats Go Down Slower Active 8
All pet species's hunger and fun go down slower.
Suggested by clumeclo

New Pet Colours and Styles Active 7
Aren't you dying to give your pet a crazy new makeover?
Suggested by drdenman

New User Pet Limit Veto 5
I think New users should be limited on the amount of pets they can create...
Suggested by Chedori

Petz! OLD and NEW Veto 2
I miss the old pets! Y not bring in some new and old ones?!
Suggested by Balto

Renaming from the Adoption Agency Implemented 2
Being able to rename pets you get from the adoption agency.
Suggested by Chedori

Make pets move! Veto 1
Why can't CW pets move?
Suggested by HorseyGirl1

Avartars and their petz!!! Veto 1
Wouldn'tuwant ur pet 2 be seen with ur avatar?
Suggested by Balto

Pet Clothes Veto 1
Why not a tiara for it? Maybe a Dress?
Suggested by xRosaliex

Pet Trades Implemented 1
Allowing Pet Trades in CW.
Suggested by Fred

How many days. Veto 1
See how many days your pet has in a hotel.
Suggested by natedriver95

Able to feed other peoples pets. Veto 1
Yuo should be able to feed other peoples pets 3:
Suggested by skateboard89

werewolves and vampires Active 0
why don't you create some crazy creatures like werewolves and vampires
Suggested by jaspercullenrox

Give The Abandoned Pets To The Adoption Agency Veto 0
Owners Who left their pets should have the pet go up for AP.
Suggested by xRosaliex

home sweet home Active 0
houses for pets
Suggested by User not found

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