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Club Contests Veto 15
Have the clubs compete for a prize.
Suggested by natedriver95

Shows as ex-member of club Active 13
Display in club forum posts when someone has left the club
Suggested by missy_cookie

Club Safe Compartments Active 8
Being able to edit the club safe compartments.
Suggested by TheTammiEffect

Item Given Through Club Implemented 6
Can a message box be added for items given though clubs, similar to the one for items given personally?
Suggested by Maholah

Posting News Active 6
I had a few ideas about News Posts in the club. How about I run them by you?
Suggested by PinkxRhino

Join and Make Veto 3
Join a club and make one.
Suggested by Balto

Club Perminit Chatroom Veto 2
not inside the cw chatroom. A pasfic chatroom on your club that lasts forever til your club is deleted.
Suggested by lpe39

A private chat inside the clubs. Implemented 1
It would be great if there was a chat inside the club.
Suggested by fiezach

Battle clubs Veto 1
battle clubs to have your club in the top 3 club battle ranks
Suggested by lpe39

Join Clubs Veto 1
Putting two clubs together
Suggested by Pinkpikachu1

Club Safe Veto 1
Access to club safe.
Suggested by carolinepuppylover

Two Clubs Veto 0
no i don't mean two clubs to join.
Suggested by Fire_Ice

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