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"New post" icon of some sort Implemented 21
A way to tell apart the thread's that have new posts in and the treads you've read completely.
Suggested by drdenman

Money 4 posting Implemented 15
As long as it isn't spam, you should get money for socializing.
Suggested by 7Meggie

Post count displayed beside forum list. Active 4
Number of posts listed beside topics, so we know if Qs been answered etc.
Suggested by Elderbee

Forums More Old-CW-like Veto 3
I suggest to make the forums less cartoony and more like how it was before.
Suggested by Tuna

Watch Topic Active 3
Watch a certain Fourm!
Suggested by xRosaliex

Ad Forum dates Active 2
It would be helpful to include the date an ad is posted, since old ads don't seem to be deleted.
Suggested by Maholah

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