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Bring back #CW Implemented 27
Bring back #CW!!
Suggested by Chelsea

item list Veto 16
database list
Suggested by nanin

Avatars Active 7
Unlockable (Hidden) Avatars that you can find around the site.
Suggested by GutterxFlower

Warning on wardrobe Active 5
Get a warning telling you its just for girls/boys
Suggested by kiaguy

Mouse-Over Text for Suggestions Active 4
When you hover over a suggestion, a text box displays the Brief Description.
Suggested by drdenman

A place where you can change your eye color and skin color. Active 3
It would be cool if we can change our eye color and skin color.
Suggested by cmy376

Moonwalk Active 3
In explore I would like to see a space section open.
Suggested by nancysmith

jamie Veto 2
refresh option and increase max shop stock.
Suggested by Jamie

Move all clothing to wardrobe tab thing Active 1
the name says it all
Suggested by kityiscrazed_101

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