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Donation Shop Implemented 30
Bring back the normal free shop :)
Suggested by Chedori

CW holidays!! Active 13
I know we celebrate real holidays, but i was thinking we invent CW holidays!
Suggested by PinkxRhino

Friends help with Crops! Active 7
If you hate wilting crops, then support this idea!
Suggested by drdenman

Bring back cw survivor Veto 3
whould it be cool or what to have a site wide event with us competing for an award or big cpoint prize
Suggested by lpe39

Vote at TWG Implemented 3
a better way to help us remember to vote
Suggested by Gracie

Ads Randomly Popping Up Veto 1
It'd be nice if ads can pop up, too as random events.
Suggested by cmy376

antman07 Veto 1
Suggested by antman07

cPoints -> iPoints Veto 0
Simple, revert the change that was made and call cPoints, iPoints again.
Suggested by Tuna

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