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Adopt a newbie Veto 45
A great way to help newbies
Suggested by VampireWolfGirl56

Shoutbox Timestamp Veto 25
CW time submitted with shoutbox comment.
Suggested by Shaylee

Family Photos Active 22
An image of your character surrounded by your pets.
Suggested by CelticTiger

Clothing Preview Active 19
We should be able to preview clothing before we buy it to see if we really want to buy it.
Suggested by Yumei

TammiRAWKS Active 19
X's for eyes
Suggested by TheTammiEffect

Contact Lenses Active 16
Ever want to change the color of your eyes? Well with this you can!
Suggested by NicoFaery

Caring for Crops Active 15
Extend window to take care of crops to 24 hours
Suggested by Linda

Shoutbox Refresh Implemented 13
Automaticall refresh the shoutbox within the page.
Suggested by ORenyRen

More Uses for Fruits and Veggies Active 13
would like to see the fruits and veggies and even the flowers we grow used as items in treasure hunt, maybe the fruits and veggies for the farmer and for shea
Suggested by Friesianlover

Costumes Active 11
Show your spirit by using costumes!
Suggested by FluffyFoo

Fertilizer for Crops Active 10
Fertilizer to add to our crops
Suggested by Chedori

QuickBar Implemented 10
Change it around
Suggested by natedriver95

Force selection of person to whom to give item Implemented 9
Instead of the default being the first person in alpha order on your friends list, the item giving option could have a "Select Friend" blank at the top of the menu to prevent inadvertently sending to the wrong person.
Suggested by Maholah

New Emotions in Premier Shop Active 7
New Emotions, buy them.
Suggested by Kindra

Friday Night Fever Active 7
Friday Night Fever made earlier for international players (occasionally).
Suggested by BeccaBug

New Hairstyle Active 7
Ponytails? Mohawks?
Suggested by Mollie

Shout box Archive Active 7
An archive for the shout box, just in case you missed something
Suggested by drdenman

Item Finder Goes Directly to Item Active 7
When we click on the item the Item Finder found for us, it would be great if it would take us to the exact page the item was on ^_^
Suggested by Nortara

Premier Items Marked Differently Active 6
We need a way to distiguish premier items quickly
Suggested by paisleydaisy

debdeb Active 6
add a way to delete enlarged avatar pictures
Suggested by debdeb

Trying on hairstyle Active 6
You et to try on the hairstyle before you buy it.
Suggested by Kindra

Change skin colour Active 6
Ability to change skin to a wide variety of colours.
Suggested by David

CW's first prom Active 5
Pretty new clothes, chat party, prom king and queen..! :)
Suggested by Chelsea

CW application Veto 4
There should be a creature world application for IPod or IPhone!
Suggested by harry-potter

Dream Avatar Creator Active 4
A page or website where people can make a dream avatar
Suggested by Yumei

New Hair Color Active 4
Pink Madness
Suggested by CheerfulMommy

Shoutbox Rules Implemented 3
On the shoutbox a link to shoutbox/forum rules.
Suggested by buddylove

'Like' Button Active 3
A button that can be pressed to show that you like a comment.
Suggested by BeccaBug

Emotes! Active 3
We only have a limted number of emotes and i think we should have some more.
Suggested by Balto

Bodily Shape Options Veto 3
Be able to choose a body "type" for your avatar.
Suggested by Oxymoronic_Username

Avatar poses Active 3
I was thinking that it would be cool if our user avatars could pose in their pictures.
Suggested by AnAnchorPoint

Tutorials for Newbies Active 2
We should have some sort of picture step-by-step for the youngins looking to learn their way around.
Suggested by Nortara

Art Implemented 2
I would love it if you suggest a certain item and it is passed that you are given one.
Suggested by nancysmith

More back buttons Active 2
Smoother, more consistent site navigation in general.
Suggested by Chrystalina

cpoints for premier points Implemented 2
Trade a certain amount of cpoints and get premier points.
Suggested by Timmy9000

Navbar: Colors Implemented 2
Change the navbar colors.
Suggested by buddylove

Different Hair Colors Active 2
I believe their should be a selection wo have all hair style in new colors such as white, gray, purple, blue etc for a more wild look.
Suggested by Aiieve

Sticker Collection Veto 1
A new collection instead of Cards or Stuffed Animals!
Suggested by XXSkater_PrincessXX

Shoutbox post reminder Veto 1
Shoutbox needs to have "New shoutbox post" flash on top of the browser window .
Suggested by IrisHouse16

Account Veto 1
There should be an account that everyone is allowed to play on
Suggested by harry-potter

Lower prices Veto 1
Lower prices like the old.....
Suggested by lause

Sasha4 Active 1
we r allowed to go other places that arent hicksville
Suggested by Sasha44

New User Shoutbox Restriction Veto 1
New Users should be required to wait a week or so before being allowed to post in the shoutbox
Suggested by Chedori

medal Active 1
Bubbles medal.
Suggested by dgswag

Bond Active 1
Buy bonds
Suggested by natedriver95

Buy old Premier items Implemented 1
Opportunity once or twice a year to purchase discontinued Premier items.
Suggested by debdeb

Delete all comments button Veto 1
we can delete all our comments quicker
Suggested by awesomechick

Creatureworld App Active 1
Creatureworld App for Ipod/Iphone,
Suggested by littledevil

more stock in shop Veto 1
have lots more of everything in all the shops
Suggested by harry-potter

take gumballs out of collection Veto 1
and squishies
Suggested by harry-potter

Mass Restock Active 0
Add more than one item to your shop/club/ect at a time
Suggested by jackieee

shoutbox close button Implemented 0
A button to turn off the shoutbox!
Suggested by kitala

Music on your profile Veto 0
Wouldn't it be nice to have a little music?
Suggested by FluffyFoo

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