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Safe Assistant Active 15
Basically a shop assistant for the safe in addition to the current one for inventory.
Suggested by Foleosy

Shop Departments more like Safe Active 9
I'd like it if we had the option to have our shop sort items into departments more like the safe.
Suggested by Nortara

Safe -> Gallery Active 5
Be able to move all items from safe to gallery using the option in the safe.
Suggested by Foleosy

Bigger Shops Veto 4
I need more room!
Suggested by paisleydaisy

Tammi xD Implemented 4
Show all the newly added items in your shop on the same page.
Suggested by TheTammiEffect

Clothing Restocking Active 3
Reduce number of clothing items stocking
Suggested by Linda

Wardrobe option in Shop Assistant Active 3
Adding an extra option where to move all wearable items
Suggested by Tegari

Bigger Safe Active 3
More room in safe.
Suggested by paisleydaisy

Pricing items Active 2
Somehow there must be a quicker way to price items
Suggested by debdeb

"Remove all of one type" safe option Active 2
Once you display specific types of items in your safe, this is the option to move all of one type out of the safe instead of everything.
Suggested by breeder1512

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