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Black jack Veto 30
A game where you can bet money on cards you are dealt.
Suggested by stardust0902

New Medals for all games Active 19
All games no matter what game it is,should have its own medal.
Suggested by strikerb4tiger

Crack the Safe.. Active 9
You pick 3 numbers, and if correct you get what was inside the safe.
Suggested by Michele

Undo for Sudoku Active 8
We should be able to remove the items from the sudoku board if we need to.
Suggested by Tofu

Collect-a-thon Active 7
Larger prize purse
Suggested by Iris

more games Veto 6
i think there should be more weekly,daily,and regular games,with more medals!
Suggested by Lj451

Pinball game Active 6
have a pinball game
Suggested by Timmy9000

squishie Slingo Active 5
Full House Bonus
Suggested by Loxa

mercury123 Active 5
Press a key or a button to pause a game like fruit catch.
Suggested by Mercury123

Blind auctions Active 4
This is a good idea...
Suggested by harry-potter

CAT Active 3
Bigger cash prize
Suggested by harry-potter

Cheat Active 3
Already suggested
Suggested by Gracie

Space Active 2
Any game that deals with space planets stars
Suggested by nancysmith

hourly games Active 2
games like scratch cards and some others
Suggested by RedDragon

CWudoku Veto 2
Extended play!
Suggested by Chedori

Can Challenge Veto 2
Can Challenge is ANNOYING!
Suggested by Ivanchill

Bug Collections Active 2
The prize numbers and the bug difficulty/total are completely out of whack.
Suggested by Taco

Who Wants to be a Billionaire? Veto 1
Lessen the time between tries.
Suggested by debdeb

King of the Hill Active 1
Start and end each round at midnight, for fairness to all players.
Suggested by PetCollector

Squishie Slingo Active 1
Quit game option when you have no chance of making big money.
Suggested by Loxa

Collection Game Prizes.. Veto 1
Gumball game goes up to 500 gumballs... Doubt we will hit that many for a LONG time
Suggested by Taco

Big collection Active 1
Another heart and egg collection
Suggested by harry-potter

FNF Active 1
Earlier FNF
Suggested by harry-potter

more Veto 1
Suggested by dancin_tennis_frog

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