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We have 8,037 current users
Our users have 11,584 pets.

The average user has 171,180 cPoints.
In total, there is 1,345,646,669 cP in circulation.
The richest non-staff user on CW has 146,314,465 cPoints.
The average user has 61% of their cP in the bank.

Our most active user has been Sasho with over 16,777,215 pageviews!
You have had page views.
So far today we have had 3036 hits and 0 new users have joined.

Richest Users
1wyasp200817,188,867 cP
2harry-potter16,765,146 cP
3Teh_Mofrey16,369,508 cP
4Mallory_M15,154,389 cP
5Akari10,121,586 cP
6paisleydaisy8,306,747 cP
7CelticTiger7,268,226 cP
8missy_cookie4,665,750 cP
9Haileybugg3,722,239 cP
10cmy3762,585,247 cP
There are 6857 items in CW.
Our users have a total of 745,781 items.

The average number of pets is 1.29 pets per user.

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