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Owner: Nessi
Items in shop: 1
Kitee Heaven
Some extra items for your perusal.
Owner: Kitee
Items in shop: 1
Fun House
Fun, Cheap. What more can you ask for?
Owner: Bubble_Trouble
Items in shop: 2
lol wut

Owner: Veo
Items in shop: 5
zAap's Shop
zAap's Shop!
Owner: zaap
Items in shop: 37
Bit of This and That
A shop that has a bit of this and that
Owner: Animalz4ever
Items in shop: 1

Owner: luce695
Items in shop: 1
You know you need this stuff!
Owner: debdeb
Items in shop: 971
Enter the graveyard, maybe the corpses are selling something fancy today. Put a smile on!
Owner: Necromancy
Items in shop: 4

Owner: Cell
Items in shop: 7
FNF Mystery Items
Friday Night Fever Mystery Items Shop.
Owner: Bubbles
Items in shop: 25
Amazing Shop

Owner: War
Items in shop: 8
Kestrel's Credits
This shop was my pet Kestrel's idea, so that's where the name came from. Fortunately for you, Kestrel makes me keep the prices cheap. *grumble grumble*
Owner: clumeclo
Items in shop: 1
buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is cool
Owner: super6676
Items in shop: 4
Nocturnal Market
The shop of all shops. Come in and tell me what you want and you'll get it.
Owner: Nocturnemist
Items in shop: 86
Hey! Welcome to S-K-A-T-E. Everything you need for the lowest prices!
Owner: skateboard89
Items in shop: 2
E~Z SHop
E~Z and easy
Owner: saier
Items in shop: 2
Angel's Keep

Owner: XoXoAngel
Items in shop: 13
Owner: SwisCheese
Items in shop: 934

Owner: SkinnyXjeans
Items in shop: 6
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