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Going to battle? Be sure to stop here first and see the weapons our engineers have prepared to guarantee your pet victory in the Battle Arena

Great for attacking from long distances.

614 points
1 in stock

The bane of Goliath. Maybe.
Basic Slingshot

530 points
1 in stock

This is a relatively common but very effective item. You know what they say: two heads are better than one.
Berserker Axe

11,867 points
1 in stock

Oh, these are sharp.

2,244 points
1 in stock

This weapon is especially useful in sieges. Every once in a while, it can disable your opponent's weapons.
Cursed Scythe

25,433 points
1 in stock

Yarr, I'll be winning this battle.

3,838 points
1 in stock

Oh, the orb is so pretty. Part time radiator.
Ember Staff

8,000 points
1 in stock

Watch out with this vicious creature around, it will serve its master with its life.
Mysterious Monster Scroll

13,985 points
1 in stock

For the ninjas that like to work in a haze of confusion.
Smoke Bomb

752 points
1 in stock

This is an odd looking piece of jewelery. What does it do?
Spirit Necklace

16,501 points
1 in stock

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