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Welcome to the Kingdom of Candy, the place for everyone with a sweet tooth!

A butterfly shaped lollipop..
Blue Raspberry Butterfly Pop

843 points
1 in stock

A daisy shaped lollipop.
Cherry Daisy Pop

743 points
1 in stock

It's a tasty Canadian dollar with a goose on it. What's not to love?
Chocolate Canadian Loonie

653 points
1 in stock

Mmm this lollipop is so sweet, could it be strawberry?
Lollipop of Hearts

787 points
1 in stock

All the delicious-ness of white chocolate with all the light heartedness of feathery wings. Mm!
White Chocolate Feather Wing

1,366 points
1 in stock

This is one tasty fly.. yummy.
Apple Fly Gummy

548 points
1 in stock

Tasty treats for those of us who have loose screws.
Blueberry Bolt Gummy

568 points
1 in stock

A blueberry flavored cupcake shaped gummy.
Blueberry Cupcake Gummy

904 points
1 in stock

The perfect garnish for a cocktail, gummy-fied!
Lime Slice Gummy

872 points
1 in stock

Will he taste tart or sweet?
Orange Elephant Gummy

1,355 points
1 in stock

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