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Welcome to the Kingdom of Candy, the place for everyone with a sweet tooth!

MMmm a candy that is both sweet and tart.
Blue Daisy-tart

1,136 points
1 in stock

This candy is poppin'!
Blueberry Bubble Candy

1,009 points
1 in stock

This lollipop tastes like a roll of the dice.
Dice Lollipop

4,100 points
1 in stock

Now you can put a foot in your mouth and it'll taste like orange
Orange Footpop

1,145 points
1 in stock

A blueberry flavored cupcake shaped gummy.
Blueberry Cupcake Gummy

781 points
1 in stock

This is one tasty fly.. yummy.
Cherry Fly Gummy

525 points
1 in stock

Not really sure what flavor this one is.  I really really, really hope its not ACTUAL chicken.
Chicken Gummy

3,465 points
1 in stock

Gummy shaped like an ice cream cone!
Chocolate Ice Cream Gummy

3,328 points
1 in stock

A chewy sugary treat to ring in the fall season.
Red Oak Leaf Gummy

1,121 points
1 in stock

Juicy and delicious, with mystery flavor stripes.
Watermelon Margra Phantom Gummy

1,792 points
1 in stock

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