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Welcome!! Squishies, squishies and more squishies.

Blends well with an iceberg. Watch out!
Chalk Mahara Squishie

945 points
1 in stock

Give this to a friend who needs something to lay on! :3
Chibi Roko Cat Squishie

3,633 points
1 in stock

Super squishie cake squishie!  ;D
Cream Strawberry Topped Cake Squishie

973 points
1 in stock

A cute little fox squishie that looks like the first violet of spring!
Cute Purple Fox Squishie

1,172 points
1 in stock

This one looks toxic.
Green Seahorse Squishie

796 points
1 in stock

Not really a normal hippo color...
Hippo Squishie

3,463 points
1 in stock

Evocative of big, blue summer skies and endlessly long summer days!
Summer Blue Sky Wolf Squishie

1,225 points
1 in stock

My very own cow squishie!!
Sunlight Cow Squishie

3,628 points
1 in stock

Puff n Fluff
Thistle Zenzor Squishie

1,088 points
1 in stock

This one looks so squeezable!
Valentine Elestri Squishie

3,094 points
1 in stock

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