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Hungry? Come on in! We stock a wide variety of food and drinks to suit even the pickiest eaters.

One of the most popular type of melon and it tastes good too.

3,143 points
1 in stock

This is a classic comfort food. It's good for whatever ails you.
Chicken Noodle Soup

884 points
1 in stock

Very rich and chocolatey!!
Chocolate Eclair

2,486 points
1 in stock

70% Cod, 25% Water and 5% Salt.
Crab Stick Sushi

1,835 points
1 in stock

A great addition to a holiday meal.
Mashed Sweet Potatoes

916 points
1 in stock

Sweet and slighty tangy, this pineapple iceblock is perfect to cool you down.
Pineapple Iceblock

1,238 points
1 in stock

Just like grandma makes.
Slice of Cherry Pie

2,827 points
1 in stock

Sugar free cookies and cream!! Yum!
Sugar Free Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

675 points
1 in stock

Banana Fizz, like slurping real bananas straight from the faucet!
Banana Fizz

739 points
1 in stock

The same great taste, but without the sugar.... Wait, oil doesn't have sugar, does it?!?! o_0
Diet Oil-up

672 points
1 in stock

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