Pet Information for
Alley the Thistle Kishika

Alley says: ""Little Miss Innocent, c'est moi!""

Alley is a very sly thisle kishika. She sleeks around and is always annoying the other pets. If there is one thing Alley loves though, it's her job. She currently works for CW Schools Management and finds her boss kind and understanding. Alley likes to act cute and play innocent, but if they lollipops go missing, you'll know who to blame!

Name: Alley
Owner: BeccaBug
Job: CW Schools Management, Level 40
Species: Kishika
Color: Thistle
Age: 10 years, 7 months
Health: 100% (21/21)
Skill Level: 23
Strength: Average
Defense: Good
Intelligence: Quite Smart
Challenge: Challenge
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