Cute New Easter Puppets
There is a Chickie Puppet and a Mint Green Bunny Puppet.
Posted by debdeb @ Monday, April 8, 2019
User Comments
April 10 2019 @ 1:24PM by tawnie88
Is there anyway for me to figure out why I can't buy stuff from the shops?? I can do most other things.. but that has stopped working for me since the game has come back the last few weeks. Nothing seems to be happening with my bug tracker and when I post in the forums I don't seem to hear anything that way either so thought maybe commenting here might be the thing.
April 10 2019 @ 1:27PM by tawnie88
I also can't add to my shop from an individual item.. I was able to a few weeks ago.. but now.. no drop down menu to select the shop to put an item in.
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