As most of you know, we lost our beloved Skooter Lee several weeks ago. I miss her terribly as I know you do. She is survived by her son, John and her best friend, Audrey. I've been in touch with them and I thought it would be really special for them if we let them know how she impacted us. I asked Bubbles to set up a new forum for us and we posted my article I wrote many years ago when I first joined CW. Please share your thoughts and stories and if it's OK with you, I'd love to take a copy of our comment and send it to he son and best friend. Skooter was always there for us and now we can let her loved ones know how special she was to us! I'll look forward to your comments and stories.
Posted by Friesianlover @ Saturday, March 2, 2019
User Comments
March 02 2019 @ 4:20PM by debdeb
Thank you for doing this.
March 03 2019 @ 5:01AM by wyasp2008
that a good ideal let us know when it is up
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