Sad News
Our beloved Skooter Lee has left CW. Her health is not good now and and she is sorry but she won't be back. Her faithful service to the site is something we will all remember and appreciate. Thank you Skooter!
Posted by debdeb @ Wednesday, February 13, 2019
User Comments
February 13 2019 @ 5:50PM by Silver116
Aww, thanks for everything Skooter, all our best for your future. <3
February 13 2019 @ 7:52PM by Gracie
oh no hugs skooter
February 13 2019 @ 8:37PM by Erath
She was what made Cw Cw Thank her for all of us
February 14 2019 @ 1:54PM by Marcy
Best wishes Skooter! Thanks for all you did for this site. You will be very missed!
February 14 2019 @ 5:49PM by Sasho
I'm very sorry to hear this Put a smile on! Thank you for everything, Skooter. My best wishes!
February 15 2019 @ 6:23AM by tawnie88
Oh wow.. best wishes Skooter and thanks for stepping up everywhere that you did for this site!
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