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Learn PHP, September 15 2014 @ 3:58PM by buddylove
I'd like to both help teach some people the basics, while also being able to improve my own skills. If you can teach it, you know it! In addition, I also have thought about teaching programming in the future as my job (I am border-line on doing this, or going into the programming field), this will definitely help me "get my feet wet".

With these skills, you'll be able to move on to learn other programming skills. For example, System.out.println("Hello" ); (without that space) is how to write a line in Java, while echo 'Hello'; is how to write the same thing, but in PHP. Once you understand one language, it becomes easier to start learning a second.


As of now, these are the only two requirements to be able to help teach you. Skype - for communication. Notepad++ - for the actual programming. (There are other software programs for PHP, but I use Notepad++ if there is one you know that you'd like better that is fine.)

What do you need to do?
I'd like you to fill this out for me so that I can figure out how much time I'd have for each person to work with.

Average Amount of Time Online Per Day:
Average Amount of Time Online Per Week:
Do you know any other programming or markup languages?
Do you work better in "group" learning or "one-on-one"?
Are you a quick learner, or do you have to get that "Aha!" moment?
How much time can you spend to learn each week?
Why do you want to learn to program?
Other Comments:

If you have any questions, post below or let me know. As a warning, this is my first time ever doing something like this. I'm sure there will be a few problems along the way, but it's better to try rather than not at all.

Chaos Jack-o-Lantern

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Learn PHP

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