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Please tell me
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Please tell me, November 27 2012 @ 1:05PM by paisleydaisy
What was your favorite toy as a child?

I don't know what they were called but one of my favorites were these flat colored plastic squares that had 2 slits in each side (8 in all). You would slide them together and build things out of them. The colors were bright and pretty.

November 27 2012 @ 2:53PM, Response by harry-potter « Please tell me
I loved brio and duplo

Please tell me » Response by Anuacyl, November 27 2012 @ 11:42PM
I guess.. the only one that really comes to mind is a white teddy bear that my mom's dad (Grandpa C) had given me. Grandpa C wasn't .. he was pretty poor and he had salvaged the bear from the town dump.
So it wasn't very pretty when I first got it, in fact I thought it was a pale yellow color, and there was a hole in its neck. But Grandpa C had gotten it for me and I was 4(? I'm not sure, I was old enough to remember getting it, but not yet old enough for school yet) and cherished it. I wouldn't let mom wash it because I thought she would throw it away because it was so nasty.

When I was about 8 mom finally talked me into letting her patch it up for me (by this time I had named it "Tommy" cause I had a crush on that power ranger)She stitched it up and when it came from the wash it was white. I at first thought she threw it away but she pointed out where she had sewn the hole up after replacing the stuffing.

I slept with this teddy bear from the time I got it until I was about 15 and decided that sleeping with a teddy was childish. I no longer know where that bear is.

November 28 2012 @ 8:19PM, Response by buddylove « Please tell me
Little People. Bubbles laughed at me when we were talking about Christmas Presents. Put a smile on!
Polly Pockets were fun too, but I liked little people. Not the fat chubby midget little people. Small GI-Joe Sized Little people. I had collected them over time, a whole family.

One was a grandma, it was from that Schools Out or something, the teacher.
The Mom and Aunt were Barbie type dolls from McDonalds
The Dad was a Military-looking thing
I had 2 kids
There was a fat mini-people doll who was the mom and dad.
I had a house, a blue van, a green car, a camping car
Oh and a dog
I had tons of different ones, I can't remember them all. Still have them somewhere, lol

Please tell me » Response by BeccaBug, November 29 2012 @ 4:11PM
Animal hospital, Barbies and bratz, Polly Pocket (they liked taking their pets to the animal hospital, as they were about the right size!) and Sylvainian Families (which I still have a huge collection of!) Put a smile on! I also liked hamma beads (the ones that you iron and they stick together!) and my mum was constantly having to buy more for me!

December 06 2012 @ 10:33AM, Response by drdenman « Please tell me
I liked Barbies, Legos, and the computer. I was a strange child. It's strange that I like Barbies, because I was such a tomboy, still am a little bit. The Legos all belonged to my brothers, but I fought tooth and nail for them(verbally, of course, we only argued when we fought). I think I broke an age record with the computer playing. My dad is a programmer, we we always had a good computer and Dad didn't have any problem with us playing on it.

Please tell me
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