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Creative Contest, July 12 2012 @ 1:29PM by Anuacyl
Okay, Distortion will return to you on the 28th unless something comes up. I'd bring it back this Saturday but I'm going out of town next Saturday and don't want to start it up then miss right after..

So to give you something to do I will be hosting a two week long creativity contest! The theme is "CW" I want you to post something creative you did that you think best represents CW. A drawing, photo, wood-carving, short-story, poem, construction, coloring... the list is endless. Use your own talents to make something creative.

If your an artist and join in with a drawing you will be judged separately from the members, but if your an artist and submit a writing then you'll be judged with the members to make things more fair. Judging will be based not only by quality but by how much thought is put into your creation. So the best image or writing may be trumped by an image or writing that better represents the site.

Prizes: The best from each category will be posted on CW's Tumblr, and will win an as yet unknown prize.

July 13 2012 @ 3:27PM, Response by harry-potter « Creative Contest
**These pictures were taken by me!**

My favorite season is Winter and is also my favorite season on CW. I like all the new items that come out, all the gifts that get received and all the friendliness on the site, it is just a very happy time to be playing CW! (This is a photo of one of my christmas trees)

This mountain is located near my house, I took this when I saw this magnificent sunset. I couldn't find a picture of the walk you can do up this mountain in my gallery but all the wildlife you can see on here is the best. Bats, birds, squirrels etc... That's what reminds me of CW, all the wildlife!

Creative Contest » Response by LizzyCollinsDeArc, July 14 2012 @ 10:46PM
My Dessert:
CW Item:

This picture is my attempt of making one of the CW food items into a real life treat. It happened to be the Mint Birthday Sundae (Click Here if you need to know what it looks like). I made back in 2009. I did take the picture myself. The original thread can be found here for those that are curious. :heart:

For a high quality picture, please mail me and I'll see what I can do.

July 22 2012 @ 12:43AM, Response by Nortara « Creative Contest
I just wanted to draw a picture of what I have in my head when I think of a Creature World day. A sweet, quiet day of togetherness ^_^

Click on it to see it bigger. I tried to make it big enough for a desktop background, but it's not quite there ^_^

Creative Contest » Response by Buddylove, July 24 2012 @ 11:11PM
My food:
CW Items:
This picture is my attempt of making one of the CW food items into a real life treat. It happened to be the Banana.

While I was eating this banana, I imagined what CW looked like..and well...

CW sure is a riot.

While eating this banana, I was sitting outside my house in the rain. Isn't is beautiful? So...striking.

Then, the sun came out and eventually set down. I got a beautiful picture of the sunset.

Then, I went to bed. Ahhh sweet dreams.

No matter what people say, I didn't wet the bed, it was from the rain. I just happened to be half wet from it.

July 25 2012 @ 3:29PM, Response by anubis_werewolf « Creative Contest
I think the caption says it all. That is CW to me.

Creative Contest » Response by ThePurpleLlama, July 26 2012 @ 10:57AM

(scaled it down for ya)

[Edited by a moderator]

July 26 2012 @ 11:32AM, Response by BeccaBug « Creative Contest

This is a 2012 cracker I drew and in it are some of my favourite items on CW!

Of course, if you wanted to read some creative 10 or 11 year old talent, look no further!! Put a smile on! (this isn't part of my entry btw!!)

Creative Contest » Response by Bubbles, July 26 2012 @ 8:27PM
lol, I remember that story. Thanks for the link. It brought back memories.

July 27 2012 @ 12:01AM, Response by Anuacyl « Creative Contest
entries will no longer be accepted after this point. Thanks for all the entries, and goodluck to all ^,^

I began judging late last night, and had so much trouble judging (they were all so very amazing) that I was unable to post the winners before now.

With only one real life CW item (or real life creation) submit, and only one photography submit, I decided to merge those two together. Two that have made items for CW have entered drawings, as well as two members. Giving us three levels of prizes total to award ^,^

Going from top to bottom:

Harry vs. Lizzy- Lizzy wins by a nose after hours of staring and self-debating.

Norty vs. Wolfie - (These are grouped together as they are a. both drawings and b. drawn by members who have drawn for the site.) Norty wins this round.

ThePurpleLama vs. BeccaBug - Both of these images are a combination of manipulation and drawing. So I'm going to call them "manipulated drawings". After much thought my mind swayed to pick BeccaBug.

Now for the two 'oddballs'. Buddy's images weren't his images that technicly disqualified him. But they were so amusingly put together I decided to find a random item in my safe as a 'dunce prize'.
I felt Wolfie's image was the best out of all the submissions, it was like a Hallmark card for CW! So he is being awarded the 'best of all' prize.

Well done everyone, these were very difficult choices to make. Congratulations to the winners. CWTeam will send the winner's their prizes, and I will send the "oddballs" their prizes. as soon as we are able.

Creative Contest » Response by BeccaBug, July 27 2012 @ 5:39PM
Thank you anu, and congrats and well done to everyone who entered! Put a smile on!

July 27 2012 @ 6:00PM, Response by harry-potter « Creative Contest
Well done everyone!

Creative Contest » Response by Buddylove, July 27 2012 @ 6:07PM
Thanks Anu Put a smile on!

Congrats everyone! Those were all awesome! Put a smile on!

July 27 2012 @ 7:36PM, Response by ThePurpleLlama « Creative Contest
Great job guys! Congratulations to the winners! Put a smile on! Put a smile on!

Creative Contest » Response by LizzyCollinsDeArc, July 27 2012 @ 7:45PM
Thanks for the Honey! :heart:! I am glad that I won. ^_^; Now what to do with honey...

Creative Contest
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