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An Unfortunate
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An Unfortunate, May 26 2011 @ 3:20AM by carolinepuppylover

Where to find that little unfortunate?

May 26 2011 @ 9:07AM, Response by Kyle « An Unfortunate
Don't hold me to this but if I remember correctly this was a limited release opponent and only 15 were released. Once they were defeated you could no longer fight it.

An Unfortunate » Response by carolinepuppylover, May 27 2011 @ 8:09PM
Okay, thanks anyway Put a smile on!

May 27 2011 @ 9:58PM, Response by KrypticLogik « An Unfortunate
you probably did. I saw them. but I didn't bother taking one on.

An Unfortunate » Response by Nortara, June 02 2011 @ 10:13PM
I would have grabbed one if I had been here ^_^

June 26 2011 @ 12:45PM, Response by Skooter Lee « An Unfortunate
Me too, Norty.

An Unfortunate
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