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Welcome to Creature World and our friendly community. Whether you love games, collections or even snuggling up to your favorite pet, you've come to the right place! Creature World is a great way to spend your day! Dress up your avatars in the latest Creature World fashions, change your clothes and hair colors depending on your mood! Frolic in our beautiful gardens, get down and dirty on the farm, grow your own fresh flowers! Chat with your friends, compete in our contests, wrack your brain with our trivia. Can you be the richest player, the best can shooter, the owner of the strongest pet? Play any way you'd like, Creature World will always have something great for you to do!
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If anyone missed it on Valentines Day let me know. I didn't post the news until later in the day. I apologize.
Posted by debdeb @ Friday, February 14, 2020
Happy Birthday debdeb

thrump thrump thrump

Creature World members come bounding into the room, pulling a cart full of cackling cheery blossoms. Everyone settles into a circle Slowly a chant begins to circle the room:

Birthday cake and candles too, streamers, sparklers, hullabaloo. We think you're special. We think you're great. We are all here to celebrate. We wish you money and lots of toys We chant it loud with lots of noise. We hope to day is special and fun, and that your birthday is second to none.

But if you doubt us just one bit, our spell will make your underpants split. We'll make you howl with an itchy rash. We'll make you trip and fall and crash. We'll turn all your groceries into toads We'll chase your housecat down the road. We'll dance and sing as time permits, while your hair turns green and gives you fits.

Remember always that we are evil, and continue our plans to cause world upheaval. Our blessings may not mean much to you, but always let this thing remain true: you'd rather have us on your team, than working against you to make you scream.

Posted by Bubbles @ Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Check out the new Trivia!

Valentine Horse Squishie
2000 cPoints!
Posted by Friesianlover @ Monday, February 10, 2020
Feeling lucky? The Lottery has been drawn! The winners have received their reward, and the lottery has been reset. Be sure to go grab more tickets while you can and take the gamble to win big! You could be the next big winner of 150,000 cPoints!
Posted by debdeb @ Sunday, February 9, 2020
Valentine Badger Squishie, Valentine Zenzor Squishie, Valentine Wolf Squishie, Valentine Zelhund Squishie and Cute Valentine Fox Squishie.
Posted by debdeb @ Saturday, February 1, 2020

pigeonpower's character
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